About Us

In early 2004, Emerald Outdoor Advertising became associated with Sunset Outdoor Advertising in the Spokane area, adding 57 prime bulletin/billboard “faces” and 150+ bus bench advertising units. Emerald now has over 110 billboard faces in the state of Washington, Premier LED units in the Seattle/Tacoma area, Wenatchee and Portland. Emerald Outdoor has excellent coverage in the Spokane area, Wenatchee and North Central Washington. Our LED coverage on I-5 is a very popular advertising medium with over 125,000 people viewing this “outdoor television” daily.

Although one of the “smallest” outdoor advertising companies in the area, Emerald Outdoor Advertising has the “biggest” and some of the “best” advertising opportunities in the region. Our locations are located in prime spots across the state of Washington and because of our local ownership, the rates we offer for our services are affordable and relevant to the local economy.